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Some Very Nice Real Estate

I passed some very nice real estate today as I went over the edge.

It had some cars that were faster and trees that were taller,
some ornaments and features that were flowing with water.
I gave a little sigh and let slip a small whimper,
"How nice it must be, through both summer and winter."

Though these thoughts were quite fleeting, as I went over the edge.

And the people inside, although I can't see
must smile all the time, filled with pleasure and glee.
Their eyes never glaze, their backs never sore.
Even their drugs are better and quite within the law.

But I suppose for them, i'm just happy, as I go over the edge.

It was all quite a sight, before me eyes popped out.
It filled me with light, before it escaped with a shout.
Then my heart stopped abruptly in my surprise
at the glory of, over the roof, the sunrise.

As I went over the edge.