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It's Easy to Despair

It may not be healthy to despair, but damn if it's not easy.

My mind often boggles at how little effort is required and how reassuring it is knowing an option is always there.

Even after a long day at work, when my feet are aching and my back is broken. My breath and eyes dry like a desert wind, I still find the energy to simply let go and despair.

Days, years or mere moments.
Any stretch of time will do.
Between catapulting through crowded corridors, hurriedly explaining myself to those around and sorting chaos behind closed yet unlocked doors, i'm never strapped for time.
I always have a second to despair.

And look! No hands!
Even as I ride through mobbed streets, grasp a window to stare blindly through or cling to a cold meal half cooked in desperation, I can still despair.

I can do it at parties, while i'm drunk off the commotion.
I can do it while we speak, as I match your response to those heard before.
I even do it as I sleep, as time laps at my consciousness.

It's quite wonderful to have a constant these days.
No matter what, I can always despair.